Want to Lead a Healthier Lifestyle: Drink a Cup of Kenyan Coffee According to Experts

Have you been having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Many people prefer drinking this favorite beverage on a daily basis for its flavor. Despite this, few people are aware of its health benefits. Beyond the sweet flavors that keep people coming back for more, pure Kenyan coffee beans are healthy to the body in a variety of ways. The health benefits of Kenyan coffee use are simply incalculable.

The Top Health Advantages of Coffee Consumption:

Here are the top health benefits of Kenyan coffee that you should be aware of.

Coffee Enhances Physical Performance:

You can buy Kenyan coffee beans that activate the neurological system, which causes fat cells to burn calories and release fatty acids from the body. Caffeine raises blood levels of adrenaline, which prepares the body for strenuous physical activity.

Kenyan experts Coffee Consumption Reduces The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes:

Type 2 diabetes is a disease that affects a large number of people around the world today. Type 2 diabetes is caused by the body’s failure to release insulin, which causes blood sugar levels to rise. According to several research and studies, persons who consume coffee made of pure Kenyan coffee beans on a regular basis have a 23-50 percent lower risk of developing this illness.

Reduces The Risk Of Dementia And Alzheimer’s Disease:

One of the health benefits of coffee use is that it reduces the chance of Alzheimer’s disease, which causes dementia. This neurodegenerative disease affects persons over the age of 65 and has no cure. Experts say that eating a healthy diet, exercising, and drinking water as well as limited coffee can reduce the risk of contracting the condition.

It Aids In The Burning Of Body Fat:

Coffee contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that help the body burn calories. Caffeine also increases metabolic activities by 5-11 percent in the body. Regular pure Kenyan coffee beans consumption can help obese people burn up to 10% more fat and lean people burn up to 33% more fat.

It Helps To Fight Depression And Keep One Happy:

One of the health benefits of coffee use is the reduction of depression. Depression is a frequent mental illness that leads to suicide ideation. According to a 2011 Harvard public health study, women who drank at least four cups of coffee per day had a 20% lower risk of depression.

Parkinson’s Disease Risk Is Reduced:

Another prevalent neurodegenerative disease is Parkinson’s disease, which is caused by the loss of dopamine-producing neurons in the brain. Because there is currently no cure for this ailment, we must concentrate our efforts on prevention. According to studies if you buy Kenyan ab coffee and drink regularly, it can help in reducing the symptoms.

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Learn the Tips of Pairing Kenyan Coffee with Other Food Items

What’s the best way to match coffee with food? The barista is the coffee world’s sommelier, and the sense of taste is his or her most significant tool. Using your sense of taste, you may design coffee and food flavor combos that you can recommend to your customers for an even better experience. You can buy premium Kenyan coffee beans and give them a try with different food flavors to understand what might go best.

A mug of hot espresso after a winter sledging session in the mountains, or your first cup of coffee with plenty of cream and sugar – the way things taste may transport you to memorable events years, if not decades, ago. If you buy Kenyan coffee online and try it at home with your favorite flavor profile, might make your day.

Taste A Variety Of Foods All Of The Time To Improve Your Skills:

The Flavor Wheel was not in the hands of any of the professional tasters when they were born. Practice helps you become perfect, and that we all know. Try pure Kenyan coffee beans with bagels or a pretzel which might help you explore some wonderful flavor profiles.

Although there are many parallels between wine and coffee tasting, they are not completely interchangeable. While wine is decanted to allow oxygen to impact the scents and flavors, coffee’s flavor does not improve with time. Coffee’s fragrant properties deteriorate over time.

If You Are Going To Taste Something, Make Sure You Do So Consciously:

The same criteria apply to tasting wine and coffee: the fragrance gives you a broad impression, and the acidity, sweetness, saltiness, and bitterness, as well as the balance between them, are the things to look for in the taste. The feel, smell, and color of the drink all tell you something in both pure Kenyan coffee beans and wine. In practice, it boils down to focusing on the flavor and quality of the product.

Pairing Flavors Can Be Done By Emphasizing Similarities Or By Forming Contracts:

The fact that there are no right or incorrect responses is something that both wine and coffee tasting have in common. Both gurus agree that the first step in combining flavors is to taste each component independently. After that, consider which flavors will complement and emphasize each other and which will not.

Adding milk to coffee is a common technique to change the flavor, but milk can also help to reduce acidity. Milk improves the chocolaty qualities of coffee, which can be emphasized by matching white coffee with milk chocolate, for example. Serving a coffee with crisp acidity and berry overtones, such as pure Kenyan coffee beans, with a decadent treat like chocolate cake creates a good flavor match.

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Learn How Kenyan Coffee Diet Plan Can Help You Stay Healthier: Pro Tips Only for You

At first look, coffee and weight loss don’t appear to fit in the same phrase. Coffee is poised to become your new diet drink, whether you like it hot or iced. And so buy Kenyan coffee and add it to your regular diet.

Few medical researches have shown a whole new approach to the detox, one centered on the pure Kenyan coffee beans; both normal and decaf, hot and iced that has the greatest levels of disease- and fat-fighting antioxidants.

We have previously discussed the health advantages of coffee, as well as the possible benefits of coffee naps and why having a cup before a workout might help you achieve greater fitness outcomes.

What Is the Diet Plan Exactly?

Due to its increased polyphenol antioxidant content, light roast coffee should be consumed at least three times per day. Coffee polyphenols have been associated with a lower risk of several illnesses, including type 2 diabetes and cancer. In fact, as long as you stick to the three-cup minimum, you may drink as much coffee as you like, decaf or normal.

The rest of the plan is identical to other weight loss plans, except for the three daily glasses. It entails avoiding refined carbohydrates and processed foods while adhering to many of the Mediterranean diet’s principles, with a daily calorie consumption of about 1,500. You can buy Kenyan aaa coffee for the best results.

Is It True That Coffee Aids Weight Loss?

Different brew choices can be found that are richest in phenols. Pointed are antioxidants in coffee and it’s as crucial to the pure Kenyan coffee beans as many health advantages.

The phenols in dark roasts are destroyed, whereas slimming chemicals erupt in lean roasts. They are tasty without the addition of unhealthy sugar or milk. It can help you stay healthier and lose some weight.

Faster Fat Oxidation: Coffee phenols have been found to decrease insulin levels, which is beneficial because the hormone inhibits fat burning. The less insulin human body produces, the more fat we burn. Phenols have also been proven to inhibit the growth of new fat cells.

Faster Metabolism: Phenols, according to preliminary Japanese research, induce a brief burst of increased calorie expenditure. Phenols also increase long-term calorie burn by avoiding a form of inflammation that not only slows down our thyroids but also causes the loss of metabolism-boosting muscle.

Blocking Fat & Calories: There are several distinct kinds of phenols found in coffee. Some calories from, for instance, the bread we eat with coffee won’t count since one kind, chlorogenic acid has been found to reduce our absorption of carbohydrates.

You can buy Kenyan coffee online as it has now become a key component of a weight-loss strategy known as The Coffee Diet.

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4 Undeniable Reasons Why People Across the Globe Love Kenyan Coffee So Much

As the country is ravaged by the waves of the pandemic, the Kenyan government has sent over tons of coffee, tea, and other consumables to our Covid-19 frontline troops as a refreshing break during these trying times.

For this wonderful gesture we have developed a list of reasons why it is so beloved by coffee connoisseurs all around the world and why you should buy Kenyan coffee:

  • It’s one of the top five coffees in the world:

Because of its rich body, exquisite aroma, and high acidity, Kenyan coffee has a profound flavor. Kenya’s berry undertones are one of its most distinctive features. Black currant, not just any berry! The combination of flavor and acidity makes for a delicious cup of coffee in the morning, or evening, depending on your preference.

  • They have the ideal environment for coffee:

Coffee beans grow in a tropical climate with plenty of sunshine and enough water. Kenya, by these criteria, has ideal growing conditions. The coffee’s flavor is enhanced by the medium to high altitudes, mild climate, and consistent rainfall throughout the year.

  • Buy premium Kenyan coffee beans that are graded:

Kenyan coffee beans are meticulously evaluated. Because the lands generate various types and sizes of beans, the grading system aids in the control of these varieties. Beans that are bigger, thicker, and denser are much more flavorful, and seasoned coffee consumers will notice the difference. As a result, Kenyans take the grading system very seriously.

  • Exceptional processing of pure Kenyan coffee beans:

Kenyan coffee beans are carefully handled. It goes through a wet processing procedure that begins with the plucking of perfectly ripe fruits. To avoid bruising, this procedure is carried out with delicate hands. It is then sifted once more to remove any damaged coffee cherries from the batch. Only the greatest coffee beans make it to the coffee roastery if that wasn’t evident previously.

Remarkable Health Benefit of Kenyan Black Coffee:

  1. Black Kenyan coffee May Help You Prevent Type 2 Diabetes.
  2. Alzheimer’s disease and dementia risk can be reduced with black Kenyan coffee.
  3. Parkinson’s disease risk can be reduced with black Kenyan coffee.
  4. It’s known that pure Kenyan coffee beans are good for the liver.
  5. It can reduce the chances of stroke or other heart diseases.
  6. Kenyan coffee can lower the risks of cancer.
  7. Kenyan coffee can also help in weight loss.

Kenyan coffee is recognized as the connoisseur’s cup for a reason. The fruity nuances and strong flavors are practically unrivaled. Ethiopian coffee is the only one that comes close! It’s also worth noting that Kenya is considerably more predisposed to tea than coffee as a nation. Therefore, buy Kenyan coffee online and enjoy.

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3 Lip Smacking Coffee Recipes for You That Are Easy to Make at Home

Coffee is one of Kenya’s most important exports and one of the world’s most popular beverages. It’s usually consumed in one of two ways: black or white, and it’s made with coffee powder from a container. While this is entirely acceptable, coffee enthusiasts are aware that different techniques of brewing coffee provide distinct flavors.

Furthermore, if you actually want to appreciate pure Kenyan coffee beans, use ground coffee rather than instant coffee. Instant coffee, however, is more popular than the more flavorful ground coffee.

To make Liqueur de Café buy Kenyan coffee:

There’s nothing better than a cup of creamy, boozy coffee. This cocktail is ideal for supper or a girls’ night in. It’s very simple to prepare and all of the components are easily available. It can also be used to make other drinks, such as a White Russian.


4 Quarts Vodka
4 Quarts Water
A Third of A Cup Of Coffee
2 Tblsp Vanilla Bean Extract
Sugar (Four Cups)


In a saucepan, combine the water and sugar together and bring it to boil. Bring to a boil, then reduce to low heat for about 10 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the coffee from pure Kenyan coffee beans. Allow it to cool completely before adding the vanilla essence and vodka. Serve immediately or store in tightly sealed bottles.

To make Vienna Coffee buy Kenyan ab coffee:

This is yet another famous recipe that gained popularity throughout the 1970s. In fact, UNESCO has designated it as a cultural heritage site. This simple cup of white coffee tastes like premium coffee thanks to the way of preparation.


12 Cup Coffee

A Quarter Cup of Milk
A Quarter Cup of Heavy Cream
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Flavoring
Sugar (Two Teaspoons)


In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the coffee and heavy cream. When it’s thicker and stiffer, add the vanilla essence and stir to combine. Pour milk into the coffee cup and add a couple of scoops of vanilla whipped cream on top.

Make Ireland Coffee buy Kenyan aaa coffee:

Due to its simplicity, Irish coffee has remained a popular beverage in restaurants and at home. Even though this is one of the most basic coffee recipes, it requires more skill than simply pouring Irish whiskey into a cup of coffee.


Brown Sugar, 2 Tablespoons
A Quarter Cup of Heavy Cream
14 Cup Whiskey (Irish)
12 Cup of Strong Black Coffee


In a heat-safe mug, put the sugar. Stir in the dark coffee until the sugar is completely dissolved. Toss in the Irish whiskey and give it a good stir. Lightly whip the heavy cream until it reaches a thicker consistency. Pour over the back of a spoon into the coffee mixture. Serve immediately.

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A Guide to Caffeine Content in A Cup of Coffee

Coffee is rich in caffeine content. In fact, it is one of the largest dietary sources of caffeine. It is said that one cup of coffee provides nearly 95mg of caffeine.

However, the amount of caffeine entering the body ranges from about zero to more than 500mg, depending on the type of coffee drink.

So let’s first explore the factors that determine the amount of caffeine.


4 Factors that Determine the Caffeine Content


Coffee Bean Type

Coffee beans come in different varieties and each variety typically has a different amount of caffeine.

Roasting Process

Lightly roasted beans contain more amount of caffeine in comparison to darker roasted ones. However, darker roasted coffee beans possess a deeper flavor.

Coffee Type

The caffeine amount may vary according to the type of coffee like espresso, brewed coffee, decay coffee and instant coffee.

Size of serving

The amount of caffeine present in one cup of coffee ranges from 30ml-700ml.


Determining the Caffeine Content


The type of coffee you are consuming serves as the most significant determinant of the content of caffeine.


You can make espresso by impelling a little amount of steam or hot water via grounded coffee beans.

Espresso is known to contain more amount of caffeine per volume compared to regular coffee. However, while espresso is served in small amounts, it typically has less caffeine per serving.

In one shot of espresso of about 30ml-50ml, there is nearly 63mg of caffeine. Thus, if you sip a double shot of espresso, you will consume nearly 125mg of caffeine.

Brewed Coffee

The most usual way of making coffee is brewing. Pour boiling or hot water on grounded coffee beans and prepare your brewed coffee.

However, brewed coffee, also known as regular coffee has caffeine of nearly 70mg-140mg.

Instant Coffee

You can make instant coffee from brewed coffee. Instant coffee is usually dry, large pieces that dissolve in the water.

Add one or two teaspoons of dried coffee to hot water for preparing instant coffee. You don’t need to brew.

Interestingly, the caffeine amount in instant coffee is lesser than in regular coffee. It is said that once cup of instant coffee contains approximately 30mg-90mg caffeine.

Decaf Coffee

Well, don’t go with the name as decaf coffee has coffee. The amount of caffeine present in decaf coffee may vary based on the variety, ranging from 0-7mg per cup.

However, an average cup of decaf coffee contains about 3mg of caffeine.

Some varieties may have higher caffeine contents. It typically depends on the coffee type, de-caffeination process as well as cup size.

Do you need to worry about Caffeine?

Now you already know that coffee is rich in antioxidants. In fact, several researches have shown that coffee is good for health.

However, many studies show that higher consumption of caffeine can cause adverse effects to health like sleep disruptions, restlessness and anxiety.

If you consume 400mg-600mg of caffeine each day, you don’t have fret as it won’t cause any adverse effect.

The fact is that drinking about four to six cups of coffee each day can harm your body.

With that said, the effects of caffeine on health vary from person to person. While you might be sensitive to it, others may stay unaffected even by higher amounts of intake.

Just sip cups of pure Kenyan coffee beans and check the amount that suits you.

Are you wondering where to get pure Kenyan coffee beans?

Buy premium Kenyan coffee beans online at Kahawa Safi at affordable prices. We have a wide collection of high-quality Kenyan coffee beans.

Order today to get it deliver at your door in as little time as possible.

What’s the Difference Between Coffee Blends?

If you’ve ever walked by the coffee aisle or visited a coffee shop, you’ll see a huge variety of coffee and different blends and flavors. It can easily be overwhelming but there’s no need to settle for whatever coffee you see first. To truly know what coffee you’ll enjoy and like the best, it’s helpful to know the difference between coffee blends.

The blend of the coffee is in simple terms how long it’s been roasted. Green or unroasted coffee beans are placed in heat and roasted until the bean cracks, releasing its flavors and aroma. The longer a coffee bean is roasted determines how dark the bean becomes, losing its green color and turning brown, and how strong the coffee will be.

Breakfast Blends are “light” roasted coffee beans that don’t have a particular overwhelming coffee flavor. Although they don’t necessarily taste like strong coffee, that doesn’t mean breakfast blends don’t pack a punch. These lightly roasted breakfast blends are generally full of caffeine, making them a perfect start to your day.

Dark Blends are coffee beans have been roasted for a long period of time. Although this makes the coffee flavor more powerful, the actual caffeine content is lower because of the high levels of heat it’s been exposed to.   

House Blends are unique depending on the coffee shop and/or brand but generally fall somewhere in between light and dark roasted coffee. They’re specially made and there are no real criteria as to what makes a “house blend”.

So how do you know which one you’ll enjoy?

Having an idea if you prefer strong, bold flavors or mild, even-toned flavors can certainly help. Be aware that how you prepare your coffee can have an effect on the taste as well.

If you prefer creamer and sweetener, note that those will affect how the coffee taste. A splash of cream will make a breakfast blend taste different from a dark roast. There will also be a difference between coffee prepared with a Keurig will also taste different from coffee prepared using a french press.

However you decide to prepare it however, it’s important to make sure you purchase high-quality coffee which can make all the difference in the flavor of your coffee.

And by far, the best way to find out what you prefer is to try different coffee!




Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

With over 400 billion cups of coffee thought to be consumed every year, coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks. But is it really beneficial? Coffee is increasingly earning scientists’ approval. Studies continue to suggest that the beverage may have some beneficial effects on health.A cup of coffee in the morning may provide more than just an energy boost.Coffee can be pretty amazing for your brain, your skin and your body. Read on to discover why you should wake up and smell the coffee!

  1. Coffee boosts your physical performance. 

Physical performance and endurance is one of the benefits of drinking coffee. A 2009 study published in Sports Medicine shows that coffee increases alertness, improves mental and physical performance in the short run. Coffee allows one to train at a greater speed, power output and train longer. Having a cup of black coffee about an hour before workout will improve your performance by more than 10%. Caffeine increasesadrenaline levels in your blood, which helps your body to prepare for physical exertion.

Caffeine can give a nice boost to endurance and athletic ability. Anyone who works out strenuously is familiar with the aches and pain associated with sore muscles. The Journal of Applied Physiology concluded that trainers that consumed caffeine had a whopping 65% more glycogen which is essential for proper muscle functionality so increasing these levels will help muscles work better and recover much faster. Caffeine is ideal for athletes that work out often and need aide in reducing fatigue and inflammation.

Another study found that ingestion of a moderately high caffeine dose before exercise increases post-exercise energy expenditure or the so-called “afterburn effect.” Two cups of coffee can cut post-workout muscle pain by up to 48%.

  1. Coffee protects your body because of a high presence of Antioxidants

One of the biggest benefits of drinking coffee is it contains massive amounts of antioxidants. Today, we’re exposed to large levels of toxicity, from tap water toxicitytoair pollutionand so many more. Antioxidants fight this toxicity and can really help to slow the aging process. They can also help protect yourself against free radical damage. Coffee is one of the five highest foods in antioxidantsin the world today. Research shows coffee might even contain more polyphenol antioxidantsthan cocoa, green tea, black tea and herbal tea. Coffee supplies as much as 70% of the total amount of important antioxidants in many people’s diets. According to a study, nothing else comes close to providing as many antioxidants as coffee. While fruits and vegetables also have tons of antioxidants, the human body seems to absorb the most from coffee.

Antioxidants play a major role in keeping us healthy and protects our cells from damage. It is also essential in curbing inflammation within the body, which eases the symptoms of many chronic conditions, such as joint pain and arthritis.

  1. Coffee may lower risk of Type II diabetes.

Caffeine decreases insulin sensitivity and impairs glucose tolerance, therefore reducesone’s risk of type II diabetes. A study from The American Chemical Society found thatpeople who drink four or more cups of coffee a day reduce their chances of developing Type II diabetes by 50%.Subsequently, with every additional cup, the risk gets lowered by 7%.

  1. Coffee protects your brainandsupports Cognitive Function

Coffee has been shown to increase blood flow to the brain, which supports cognitive function. In addition, coffee and caffeine consumption works as an Alzheimer’s natural treatmentsince high caffeine levels in the blood reduce the risk of the disease. Moderate coffee consumption doesn’t completely protect people from Alzheimer’s disease, but it can appreciably reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s or delay its onset. Coffee also lowers risk of dementia.

  1. Coffee brightens your mood, helps fight depression and makes you happier.

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and boosts production of neurotransmitterslike serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline, which elevate your mood. Just smelling coffee could make you less stressed! A study done by the National Institute of Healthfound that those who drink four or more cups of coffee were about 10% less likely to be depressed, not because of caffeine but because of those trusty antioxidants.

  1. Coffee improves Liver Health

Not only does consuming coffee every day reduce cancer in the liver, it also protects it from many forms of damage. Most notably cirrhosis due to over consumption of alcohol. Researchers found an inverse link between those who drank coffee daily and lower levels of harmful enzymes in the liver. But coffee is not a viable solution to alcoholism, nor should it be used to as some sort of crutch to support that habit.

Research published in the journal Hepatologyin April 2014, suggested that drinking coffee is linked to a decreased liver cirrhosis death risk. The researchers suggested that drinking two or more cups of coffee every day can reduce the risk of death from liver cirrhosis by 66%.

  1. Coffee reduces risk of cancer.

One study has shown that coffee may decrease the risk of developing prostate cancer in men by 20 %, and endometrial cancer in women by 25 %. People in the test group drank four cups of coffee a day. Caffeine may also prevent developing of basal cell carcinoma, the most common type of skin cancer.Another study showed that women who drank a minimum of three cups of coffee a day reduced their risk of endometrial cancer by up to 25% while male coffee lovers lowered their risk for prostate cancer. Additionally, scientists have discovered coffee drinkers had a lower rate of developing rectal, breast, liver, and colon cancer, as well.


  1. Coffee Drinkers Have Lower Risk for Heart Disease

Coffee is loaded with many beneficial antioxidants that battles inflammation, the very same that can cause arterial damage. A research conducted in the discovered that drinking a safe, moderate amount of coffee routinely, had up to 25% less risk for heart disease compared to non-coffee drinkers. Also, routine coffee lovers were 20% less likely to have abnormal heart palpitations. Another study conducted in Brazil found that those that consume at least three cups of coffee a day tend to develop less calcification in their coronary arteries.

  1. Coffee reduces risk of Parkinson’s disease.

Studieshave shown that regular coffee drinking decreases risk of Parkinson’s disease by 25 %. There’s evidence that coffee causes activity in the part of the brain affected by Parkinson’s. ScienceDaily reported that drinking coffee may help people with Parkinson’s disease control their movement. The study author, Ronald Postuma, MD, said, “People who use caffeine are less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease, but this is one of the first studies in humans to show that caffeine can help with movement symptoms for people who already have the disease.”

  1. Coffee helps you focus and stay alert. 

Moderate caffeine intake helpsyou focus and improves your mental alertness. It is reported that coffee allows your brain to work in a much more efficient and smarter way. TIME reporter Michael Lemonick said, “When you take caffeine, pretty much anything you measure will improve: reaction time, vigilance, attention, logical reasoning: most of the complex functions associated with intelligence.”

Caffeine has been confirmed to boost short-term memory. Researchers measured brain activity with the aid of MRI, which would show an increase in reaction time and heightened sense of cognition. Test subjects clearly showed improvement in certain areas of the brain in charge of concentration and information retention.

  1. Coffee lowers risk of death.

Studieshave shown that coffee drinker’s overall risk of premature death is 25% lower than of those who don’t drink coffee. Coffee consumption has been linked to lower levels of suicide.A study done by the Harvard School of Public Healthdetermined that drinking between two and four cups of coffee can reduce the risk of suicide in men and women by about 50 percent. The proposed reason is because coffee acts as a mild antidepressant by aiding in the production of neurotransmitterslike serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline Reasonable consumption of coffee is also associatedwith lower risk of stroke.

  1. Coffee may help you lose weight.

Coffee containsmagnesium and potassium, which helps the human body use insulin, regulating blood sugar levels and reducing your craving for sugary treats and snacks.Regular black coffee without milk or cream has a very low-calorie count. A typical cup of black coffee only contains around 2 calories.Caffeine also helpsfat cells break down body fat and use it as fuel for physical activity.

  1. Male Coffee Drinkers More Fertile and Virile

It’s true, men that ingested at least 250mg of caffeine per day had much higher volume of semen, compared to men who abstained from caffeine. They also experienced less cellular damage to DNA within sperm. Another awesome benefit for male coffee addicts is a much lower risk of having or developing erectile dysfunction. Even in-taking a paltry 90 mg of caffeine a day showed reduction in risk, so drink up for your sex life!

  1. Coffee drinkers have stronger DNA.

A study published in the European Journal of Nutrition showed that coffee drinkers have DNA with stronger integrity since the white blood cells of coffee drinkers had far less instance of spontaneous DNA strand breakage.

In conclusion…

The importance of caffeine consumption in moderation cannot be overstated. We should all keep in mind that caffeine is a drug, as it is a mild stimulant. Although there are proven health benefits associated with drinking coffee, the drawback and risks should not be overlooked. The truly great news is that there’s more reasons to enjoy coffee, rather then abstaining from it. This is a beverage that should be enjoyed in moderation of 2-3 cups a day to gain the most benefits, with less risk in building a dependency on caffeine within it.

So what’s the moral of the story?




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