About Us


Kahawa safi is 100% Kenyan Coffee, which is among the finest and most distinctive coffee in the world.The heart of the Kenya Coffee bean growing region is the high plateau region surrounding Mount Kenya, a region that provides rich volcanic. Read More

Our History

Kahawa Safi Limited was created in July 2015 by Mr. Kihurani Gakuu who is a passionate Kenyan coffee lover living in the United States of America. His passion dates back to his childhood since he grew up picking coffee in. Read More

Mission Vision & Goals

Our goal is to promote the quality of Kenyan Coffee, which is without doubt one of the best in the world. We believe in giving credit to the people behind this powerful brand and for that reason we recognize the. Read More

The People

Kahawa Safi growers follow very strict guidelines and coffee growing procedures. This ensures that the coffee produced is of the highest of quality and is highly ranked. Grown on small farms and cooperative milling locations, the farmers use agricultural skills. Read More