Our History

Kahawa Safi Limited was created in July 2015 by Mr. Kihurani Gakuu who is a passionate Kenyan coffee lover living in the United States of America.

His passion dates back to his childhood since he grew up picking coffee in Central Kenya. When he relocated to the US he was impressed at how much Americans loved Kenyan coffee, which is ironic because most Kenyans don’t even get to have a taste of the high quality coffee they produce. His vision is have the good quality Kenyan coffee available to the local market as opposed to being exported, which is part of the reason that coffee is not popular in Kenya.

Mr. Gakuu’s goal is to promote the quality of Kenyan Coffee, which is without doubt one of the best in the world. He believes in giving credit to the people behind the powerful Kahawa Safi brand and for that reason he’ll recognize the specific locale and the factory where Kahawa Safi is processed and make an effort to give back to those specific farmers to show appreciation.