Our Coffee

Kahawa Safi has an excellent selection of premium Kenyan coffee beans for you to choose from. Our 100% pure Kenyan coffee beans have typically rich flavor with a pleasant aroma and wine-like acidity.

Coffee is in higher demand everywhere. It also works as a motivating factor for many people. However, true coffee aficionados always look for a high-quality, freshly brewed coffee.

But finding out such a premium coffee can be challenging.

Kahawa Safi aims to promote one of the best Kenyan Coffees in the world. Our growers follow stringent guidelines and coffee producing procedures.

Thus, buy Kenyan coffee online from us today, and we will deliver your favorite coffee straight to your door.

As a popular online Kenyan coffee seller in the USA, we ensure that you will have the best cups of Kenyan coffee.

About Kenya Coffee

Kenyan beans are consistently and widely considered to be the best of the best. Kenyan Coffee beans primarily grow in the high plateau region that surrounds Mount Kenya.

However, these beans are relished for their deep dimension and balanced complexity.

The rich volcanic soil of Mount Kenya offers perfect growing conditions for pure Kenyan Coffee bean plants of the high-quality Arabica type.

They typically provide a bright acidic nuance, a delightful aroma with floral tones. Moreover, the aftertaste may be slightly dry with a wine-like zest to it.

Tones of black current, lemony citrus or even pepper may be present depending on the bean variety.

Buy premium Kenyan Coffee beans of Kahawa Safi and enjoy the tropical taste that is unique to the area and cherished by several connoisseurs.


Kenyan AA Coffee beans and the fresh-roasted ones are among the world’s most coveted.

And when looking for premium and pure Kenyan AA roasted coffee beans online, look no further than Kahawa Safi.

Buy 100% Pure Roasted Kenyan Coffee Beans

Buy Kenyan coffee beans chocolate or medium roasted coffee beans with Black Currant tones from us online at affordable prices.

Kahawa Safi is passionate about producing the best quality coffee. Try our coffee beans today, and we ensure you will sip the best cups of Kenyan Coffee.

Our range of options also includes Coffee Pour Over and Kahawa Safi French Press. However, you can choose between Medium Roast Coffee beans and Medium Roast Ground Coffee.

The best coffee beans come from the people who care. And Kahawa Safi’s motive is to provide its customers with the quality of Kenyan Coffee that is indeed one of the best in the world.

Thus, simply choose between the coffee beans you want and enjoy the ultimate savor of 100% pure Kenyan AA Coffee beans of Arabica type at an affordable price.