What’s the Difference Between Coffee Blends?

If you’ve ever walked by the coffee aisle or visited a coffee shop, you’ll see a huge variety of coffee and different blends and flavors. It can easily be overwhelming but there’s no need to settle for whatever coffee you see first. To truly know what coffee you’ll enjoy and like the best, it’s helpful to know the difference between coffee blends.

The blend of the coffee is in simple terms how long it’s been roasted. Green or unroasted coffee beans are placed in heat and roasted until the bean cracks, releasing its flavors and aroma. The longer a coffee bean is roasted determines how dark the bean becomes, losing its green color and turning brown, and how strong the coffee will be.

Breakfast Blends are “light” roasted coffee beans that don’t have a particular overwhelming coffee flavor. Although they don’t necessarily taste like strong coffee, that doesn’t mean breakfast blends don’t pack a punch. These lightly roasted breakfast blends are generally full of caffeine, making them a perfect start to your day.

Dark Blends are coffee beans have been roasted for a long period of time. Although this makes the coffee flavor more powerful, the actual caffeine content is lower because of the high levels of heat it’s been exposed to.   

House Blends are unique depending on the coffee shop and/or brand but generally fall somewhere in between light and dark roasted coffee. They’re specially made and there are no real criteria as to what makes a “house blend”.

So how do you know which one you’ll enjoy?

Having an idea if you prefer strong, bold flavors or mild, even-toned flavors can certainly help. Be aware that how you prepare your coffee can have an effect on the taste as well.

If you prefer creamer and sweetener, note that those will affect how the coffee taste. A splash of cream will make a breakfast blend taste different from a dark roast. There will also be a difference between coffee prepared with a Keurig will also taste different from coffee prepared using a french press.

However you decide to prepare it however, it’s important to make sure you purchase high-quality coffee which can make all the difference in the flavor of your coffee.

And by far, the best way to find out what you prefer is to try different coffee!