How to Use a French Press

The French Press coffee maker can seem a bit intimidating at first glance, but this method of making coffee has been around long before the Keurig and isn’t nearly as complicated as it might look.

The French Press, also known as a coffee press, has been claimed to be invented by both the French and Italian sometime in the 1800’s, but where ever it was made, it’s popularity has spread through the world and coffee addicts everywhere often tell you, if you want a good cup of coffee, use a French Press.

The French Press can come in different varieties, looking more like a decor item than a coffee maker, or can be simple and unassuming, but generally they all come with the same pieces.


  1. The beaker (glass, plastic or sometimes metal)
  2. The Lid
  3. The Plunger
  4. The Filter
  5. And some with come with a stirring spoon

Thankfully, using a French Press is pretty simple. Here are the steps to follow for brewing coffee using a French Press.

  1. Grind your coffee beans of choice until they’re the texture of sea salt. You can make the grinds coarser, but the finer your grounds are, the more likely they’ll pass through the filter and into your coffee. If you prefer you can buy coffee that’s already been grinded as well.
  2. Place the ground coffee into the beaker, typically 2 tps per 8 az of water.
  3. Very slowly pour your hot water over the coffee. Note: you want the water hot but not boiling so you don’t scald the coffee. You can also stir the grounds and water to make sure everything is mixed and help bring out the full flavor.
  4. Let the coffee and water sit for a few seconds and then place the lid back onto your coffee press.
  5. Press the plunger down slowly.
  6. The pour and enjoy your coffee!

It’s important to note that the coffee made in a French Press is best to drink right away, and typically doesn’t taste very good reheated.