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Kahawa Safi Limited was created in July 2015 by  Kihurani Gakuu who is a passionate Kenyan coffee lover living in the United States of America.

His passion dates back to his childhood since he grew up picking coffee in Central Kenya. When he relocated to the US he was impressed at how much Americans loved Kenyan coffee, which is ironic because most Kenyans don’t even get to have a taste of the high quality coffee they produce. His vision is have the good quality Kenyan coffee available to the local…

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Kahawa Safi offers 100% pure Kenyan coffee beans that are prized by several connoisseurs. 

Buy premium Kenyan AA coffee or Kenyan AB coffee beans at affordable prices here. 

We are one of the largest world-class coffee providers in the USA to the online market. At Kahawa Safi, we always work to make our service easily accessible and hassle-free for coffee aficionados and connoisseurs in the USA.

Our exclusive coffee-producing techniques using agricultural expertise bring out the ultimate savor of the Kenyan coffee beans. 

With Kahawa Safi Kenyan Coffee, you can rest assured to have a delightful coffee drinking experience. 

Thus, order our Kenyan Coffee beans chocolate online today, and we will deliver your favorite coffee straight to your door!

What Makes Us Your Ultimate Choice?

Kahawa Safi is a USA-based premium Kenyan Coffee producer that offers the most excellent grade freshly roasted coffee beans. 

Since 2015, our goal is to produce one of the best, pure Kenyan Coffee in the world. And our best-of-the-kind growers, strict guidelines and coffee producing techniques endorse our goal for quality and value. 

Buy Kenyan Coffee online at Kahawa Safi today and we ensure you will experience the best cups of Kenyan coffee in the world. View our range of premium Kenyan Coffee beans here.

With a wide range of 100% pure Kenyan coffee beans to suit everyone, we offer quick and unrivalled services all around the USA. 

However, Kahawa Safi supplies coffee that is highly ranked and of the highest of quality at an affordable price. We aim to make sure that our coffee is accessible to all connoisseurs. 

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